Operations Consulting Services

In addition to design and construction phase services, Bureau Veritas Primary Integration provides transition-to-operations and operating phase support for data centers as well. Our approach to critical facilities management is to focus on three core areas: people, processes, and equipment.   When properly balanced, these three elements produce gains in reliability, productivity and efficiency.
Taking a lifecycle approach to operations means a commitment to ongoing improvement.  It is through this process that our customers can fulfill their service level agreements (SLAs) and achieve optimum results. 
We provide the technical expertise to:

  • Ensure your staff is skilled and confident
  • Confirm that processes link your staff to the equipment
  • Make sure your systems are operating as intended
  • Validate that your standards are repeatable and sustainable
  • Optimize your equipment for reliability and performance

BVPI’s Operations Consulting services are part of a set of services offered during the planning and construction phases of the development cycle. 
We also offer the following services:

  1. Procedure development: operations, emergency, personnel, and maintenance
  2. Operator training
  3. Oil, refrigerant, elevator, and pressure vessel testing and inspection
  4. Health and safety procedure verification
  5. Compliance, risk, and audit
  6. Certification and permit management


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