Mission Critical / Data Center Commissioning Phases

Below, you will find brief descriptions for each of the five commissioning phases. To learn more, please contact Bureau Veritas Primary Integration.

Phase 1: Pre-Design

During this commissioning phase, BVPI will prepare a project commissioning plan and supporting specifications to provide detail to all members of the project team on the roles and responsibilities of each participant. The documents will be submitted to the contractor team for internal review, prior to being submitted to the client.

A meeting will be scheduled by BVPI in conjunction with the owner of the company to ensure the proper project team members are in attendance.  The purpose of the meeting is to introduce the key BVPI team members to the balance of the project team.  This meeting is a critical point in the commissioning process as it sets the tone for the balance of the project and helps establish the ground rules associated with communication and issue resolution. 

Phase 2: Design

In order to become familiar with the project, Bureau Veritas Primary Integration will review the schematic design documents available at the start of the commissioning program. Our BVPI team then reviews the schematic design documents produced by the design team and will compare them to the program requirements. Any comments, questions, concerns and suggestions that arise during this review will be documented in the BVPI’s Design Review Log (DRL). The DRL will be submitted to the project team for their review prior to the initial meeting, to allow effective discussion of the list items at the conclusion of the meeting.

Phase 3: Construction

A meeting will be scheduled to introduce the BVPI team members to the construction team and review the roles and responsibilities of all team members. This meeting is a key milestone in the commissioning process as it sets the tone for the balance of the project and helps establish the ground rules associated with communication and issue resolution.

BVPI will continue to work with your company and the contractor throughout the project to ensure the master project schedule properly represents the needs of the commissioning program. As submittals are made by the construction team, BVPI will review to ensure that the revisions made do not impact the design intent and commissioning program.

During the construction commissioning phase there are also five levels of commissioning that will be completed. To learn more about these levels, please click here or contact a representative at our locations near Charlotte, Dallas, San Francisco or Washington DC.

As the construction draws to a close, the BVPI team will lead the planning of the acceptance phase activities. Coordination of the Level Four and Five Commissioning activities is required since many of the tests require that other systems operate in a stable state to limit the testing variables to the system being tested. After the acceptance phase planning activities are completed, the construction commissioning phase will be completed. The BVPI team will prepare a summary report of the commissioning program during the construction phase and package all documentation prepared and utilized in the delivery of the construction phase commissioning effort.

Phase 4: Occupancy

The formal training of the onsite staff on the proper operation and maintenance will be provided by the installing contractors and system manufacturers during this commissioning phase. BVPI will coordinate these training activities to ensure that the needs of the onsite staff are met.

BVPI will also provide a final commissioning report that will summarize the entire commissioning program for the project. Upon submission of the commissioning report, the commissioning program is considered complete.

BVPI will schedule a close out meeting with the project team to cover lessons learned and final resolution of any open items and then a close out meeting with the customer and contractor to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the work performed and the results produced.

Phase 5: Post-Occupancy

Approximately ten months after substantial completion, the BVPI team will schedule a return visit to the facility to complete the last commissioning phase. The purpose of this visit is to review the performance of the facility with the staff and identify any problems or deficiencies with the project. Any items identified during this visit will be documented in the master issues log, and communicated via email to the responsible party with coBVPIes to the balance of the project team.  A follow up call with the project team will be scheduled to discuss any deficiencies and determine what corrective actions will be taken and when they should be completed by. BVPI will track the issues until they are resolved.

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