Data Center QA/QC Services

Bureau Veritas Primary Integration provides services to support the construction phase of any data center project.  Our QA/QC services are designed to ensure compliance with both company and industry standards, as well as the plans and specifications that are controlling the project.
BVPI QA/QC provides support by confirming that new mission critical facilities are ready to proceed through all levels of commissioning, with the goal of successful Level 4 testing. We ensure consistent quality data center delivery anywhere in the world. 

We provide the technical expertise to:

  • Minimize construction delays due to project contract documents and industry quality control issues
  • Provide true 3rd party services for project validation and oversight
  • Assist in the definition of program expectations and deliverables
  • Provide staffing for field inspections and supervision of equipment installation
  • Coordinate mechanical, electrical, and plumbing scopes of work
  • Ensure inspection and testing documentation is complete and per contract

BVPI’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control services are available to support the entire construction cycle. 
We offer the following additional services: 

  1. Site inspection
  2. Construction Progress
  3. Quality Assurance and Quality Controls
  4. System Validation
  5. Closeout, Coordination, and Delivery


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