Bureau Veritas Primary Integration Solutions to Provide Continuous Operations Commissioning for Mission Critical Facilities

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 20, 2013-- 

Bureau Veritas Primary Integration Solutions Inc. (PI), a leading mission critical commissioning firm based in Charlotte, NC, has launched Continuous Operations Commissioning (OPx), a comprehensive program to provide owners, operators and managers of mission critical facilities with on-site support to operations staff and site-specific operating guidance and system performance, monitoring and evaluation.

"According to the Uptime Institute, workers cause 80 percent of all data center outages, with 70 percent the result of human error and 10 percent tied to employees involved in maintenance, equipment installation, and system reconfigurations," explains Kelly Decker, president and chairman of Bureau Veritas Primary Integration. "Our Continuous Operations Commissioning Services are intended to safeguard data center sites from human-caused outages as well as prepare sites for external crises that are beyond their control. Much like a preventative maintenance program for a data center's critical infrastructure equipment, the OPx program is a preventative maintenance program for data center operators and processes."

The OPx program is offered on a global basis, resulting in facilities that run smoothly and reliably with minimal operational complications. The process is customized for each facility by first gaining an in-depth understanding of the client's mission, goals, challenges, and preferences. Development efforts are tailored by helping senior management establish clearly defined goals and requirements and through identification of key performance indicators. A means for testing and verification is established along with integral recordkeeping and reporting mechanisms so management can measure performance and compliance. By instilling routine and periodic program reviews and audits, a culture of continuous process improvement results that ensures O&M programs reflect industry best practices.

"The OPx program is completely customizable to client-specific needs such as data center size, site conditions and overall mission," Mr. Decker notes. "The Bureau Veritas Primary Integration team is there to validate that the site is operating per the owner's specified critical facility operations standards. An added benefit of an on-going technical partnership is that we become an extension of the facility team, with our technical experts already thoroughly familiar with in-house staff, data center configuration and basis of operation."



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