Cloud Service providers, Social Media Companies and Internet Service providers are some of the fastest and largest growing community of data center builders in the world.  These "purpose built" data centers utilize very unique and optimized MEP systems to achieve some of the lowest PUE levels in the industry.  We have commissioning over 300MW of these data centers globally with rapid and concurrent deployment strategies.

Some of our experience includes:

Confidential Technology Data Center
Commissioning services for a new 370,000sf Data Center of which 60,000 sf of white space with LEED Gold certification.  Each Phase of the project consisted of 7.5MW of IT load total building load 17MW.  Phase A consists of 8.5MW  four primary buss with one reserve buss and one dedicated buss and Phase B consists of 8.5MW three primary buss sharing reserve buss form Phase A.  The base building was sized to meet 30MW N 1 rated data center. The electrical system included 3MW diesel generators and 3750kva utility feed transformer, 3.5 MW centralized UPS system and 4MW non-centralized UPS system.  The Mechanical system was direct evaporative cooling plus a direct expansion refrigeration cooling, built up penthouse enclosed sir handling system with fan-wall technology, hot aisle containment into return air ceiling plenum, damper walls and relief air fans capable of 100% outside air economization.

Confidential Technology Data Center
As the 3rd Party Commissioning Agent, Bureau Veritas Primary Integration performed a detailed review of system design and sequence of operations for this project. Facility consists of approximately 60,000 sf of raised floor white space at 125 watts per sf.  The electrical / mechanical space is approximately 48,000 sf and 12,000 sf of support space.  This facility is a Tier IV facility with “2N” design philosophy and configuration.

Confidential Telecommunications Data Center
Bureau Veritas Primary Integration provided facility and equipment commissioning services for a new 470,000sf facility consisting of a 25,000sf computer room at 250 W/sf and IT containers supporting 9 MW of critical load.  This project is designed with a 2N UPS configuration. 

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