Bureau Veritas Primary Integration provides commissioning, sustainable operations services and energy consulting for high performance institutional facilities where energy efficiency strategies need to be an integral part of the facilities management process.  These types of facilities, including higher education campuses, museums, and research and development complexes, are challenged with wide variances in energy usage from daily to seasonal occupancy. We perform constant monitoring and management of all building systems in order to ensure optimal energy efficiency, enabling owners to realize significant cost savings with minimal caBVPItal expenditures.

Some of our project experience includes:

Princeton University, High Performance Computing Research Center (HPCRC), Princeton, New Jersey
The HPCRC is a 43,000 sf two story computing facility with 12,000 sf of raised floor on a 10-acre parcel. The project included some “unique” challenges such as commissioning communication systems for a planned unmanned facility, and the inclusion of a co-generation system in the design. 

National Institute of Health Building 37 & 49, Maryland
BVPI provided controls integration services for NIH Building 37 and 49. Each building is approximately 250,000 SF and consists of offices and Labs (Fume Hoods). This building is supplied with Chilled Water, Steam and Compressed Air (process and temperature control) from the Main Power Plant.

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), White Oak 
BVPI provided commissioning services for the 650,000 sf State of the Art CBER (Center for Bio. Evaluation and Research) laboratories including BSL-3 and VIVARIUM labs.

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