Central Plants

The commissioning of large central plants requires a thorough understanding of the new technologies that enable a facility to achieve optimum energy efficiency.  Bureau Veritas Primary Integration has provided commissioning services for new greenfield builds and upgrades or renovations to existing facilities.  Our in-house Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have in-depth experience with the design and programming of PLC controls, SCADA and digital controls, and expertise in the application and integration of these technologies into the operation of large central plants. We have undertaken projects involving CHP, turbines, diesel and gas reciprocating generators, centrifugal chillers and frictionless chillers. Our ability to work with these varied technologies to optimize plant performance while implementing proven strategies for day-one operation provides a host of benefits during the testing and commissioning process.

Some of our experience includes:

North Campus Electrical Utility Plant, Ft. Meade, Maryland
Providing Commissioning services to include construction of a new Generator Plant paralleling 24 diesel powered, 2.4MW generators; new construction of a 50 MVA power substation to incorporate with the ongoing effort to improve power reliability on the campus.  Coordination and phasing are essential to the success of this project to minimize the impact of the owner’s current mission.

Classified Client, Central Plant Generator Upgrade, Virginia
Currently the Commissioning Agent for an ID/IQ Engineering/Commissioning Services Contract with a classified client.  The current project is the upgrade of backup power generation to integrate with their current critical mission.  (3) 11.5 MW Turbine Generators, Switchgear, Load Management Control Systems, and Motor Control Centers will be added to the already complex system.  Once installed, the new system will be commissioned and brought online to provide backup power for the entire facility.

Classified Client, Dulles, Virginia
The first phase of this project included a LEED Silver certified 450,000 sf high availability office building as well as LEED Gold certified Access Control Center and Central Energy Plant. The Central Energy Plant has automated switchgear with 4 current and up to 6 future 13.2kV diesel generators with 2 double ended Main-Tie-Main substations to serve central plant loads and 2 additional non critical double ended substations in the office building. The Central Energy also houses a 5 MVA current/20 MVA future medium voltage UPS system to serve campus critical loads. The mechanical plant housed 2 chillers with a vari-prime pumping system and Thermal Energy Storage and future capacity for 3 additional chillers.

Temporary Power Plant, Ft. Meade, Maryland
Provided program level commissioning services for the MPO 9840 temporary power plant. The power plant consisted of a thirteen (13) MW plant consisting of six (6) generators and associated double-ended, paralleling switchgear. The plant was designed with an N+1 configuration.These services include design review, installation QA/QC, Functional Performance Testing (FPT), and Integrated Systems Testing (IST).

Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital, Virginia
Provided commissioning services for Fort Belvoir’s new 1.2 million sf, $900 million state-of-the-art community hospital. The hospital grew from 46 to 120 beds, and added approximately 1,700 staff members to the existing 1,500. The care facilities are supported by a Central Utility Plant (CUP), which provides stable electrical power and HVAC services supporting the main hospital building and four clinical centers.

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